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Millions of people across the UK have turned their backs on smoking tobacco and switched to using less harmful e-cigarettes – or vapes – instead, aiming to ultimately quit smoking for good. Age of Steam is Bath’s exclusive purveyor of top brand vaping hardware, accessories and E-liquid – all available to try and buy along with expert advice.

Inhaling flavoured e-liquid containing nicotine through a vape eliminates most of the toxins such as tar or carbon monoxide produced by tobacco. Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes, according to recent research, from Public Health England

With its knowledgeable staff and relaxed atmosphere, Age of Steam is the ideal venue to explore all that the world of vaping has to offer.

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New to Vaping?

Embarking on your smoke-free journey – switching from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping – can be challenging, but oh, so rewarding.

It’s far easier to start vaping when you have moral support and sound advice.

Our Expertise

We guide you

Age of Steam has the expertise to help clients choose and learn how to use their first vape, guiding them through the process with practical demonstrations of the vaping technique, starter kits, available hardware and samples of the brands, nicotine strengths and flavours of E-Liquids.

Just like with traditional cigarettes, the same brand and taste does not suit everyone.

For experienced vapers ready to move to the next level, the friendly team at Age of Steam will help them on their way.

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The e-Cigarette industry is constantly evolving with new products being developed and brought to market.

Age of Steam keeps tabs on all the latest vape devices, and stocks the latest vape hardware – from cig-a-likes and vape pens to mods – from more than 20 of the most popular brands, including market-leading Aspire, Smok, Innokin Joytech and Wismec.

Strengths and Flavours


When it comes to accessories and building components for vapes the shop carries a range of spare parts like chargers, mouthpieces and tanks, as well as batteries.

E-Liquids are the heart and soul of a vaping experience, and this premium vaping emporium offers a huge range of the most popular makes in different strengths and flavours as well a highly affordable Age of Steam house range of E-Liquids.

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