E-Liquids fuel E-cigarettes, vapes and mods, creating the vapour that is exhaled to mimic the smoke that is the product of puffing on a traditional cigarette.

The liquids usually contain three ingredients in various ratios and strengths: nicotine solution, flavouring and a dilutant made up of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG) and water.

It’s important to note that some vapers prefer nicotine free vaping – which means there are E-liquids available containing 0% nicotine. The maximum dose of nicotine allowed in an E-Liquid is 2.0% – equating to the amount absorbed by a traditional smoker with a 20-a-day habit. Vapers aim to use E-Liquids with the lowest dose of nicotine possible to give them a satisfactory vaping experience.

The blends of the E-Liquid ingredients affect the vape experience for users. For example, a high VG content makes more vapour but takes more power from the vape device. Denser vapour also means a stronger hit of nicotine and flavor will be delivered.

It’s all a question of balance, so most vapers try out a range of E-Liquids recommended for their particular vape or mod device until they find one that satisfies their taste and requirements. Some more advanced vapers in pursuit of perfection prefer to create their own blend.The vast range of E-Liquids available at the Age of Steam shop and vaping lounge in Bath is ever-changing as new products arrive on the market from the major manufacturers and brands on a weekly basis.

The expert buyers for Age of Steam make sure the shop stocks the most popular brands and flavours of E-Liquids at the best prices, and keep up with the latest trends.

Age of Steam is also proud to have its own in-house range of 10ml E-Liquid bottles in tasty flavours, selling from as little as £2.50 each.

The experienced and knowledgeable staff are available to recommend different E-Liquids for customers, and help them experiment to find their individual favourites.

The shop stocks all the best-selling E-liquids to suit all tastes and budgets, like the well-known Six licks, 12 Monkeys, Double Drip and Riot Squad

There is literally a banquet of flavours and interesting tastes, in various nicotine strengths, waiting to be explored in a vaping session at Age of Steam. Why not pop in and join the feast?

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