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Age of Steam have used their vaping experience to make switching from smoking to vaping as easy and uncomplicated as possible by stocking a range of quality Vape Starter Kits which contain everything needed to go smoke-free.

Trained staff welcome smokers at the well-stocked Age of Steam shop in Bath for a chat to ascertain what type of E-cigarette would best suit individual vaping beginner’s requirements.

When a choice is made customers receive full guidance and a demonstration of how to make the most of their new starter kit, and are welcome to pop back to the shop at any time for advice and support on their vaping journey.

A typical vape requires a battery source which powers a heating element (the coil) that vaporizes E-liquid in a small chamber (the tank). The user then inhales the vapour through a mouthpiece. In a starter vape kit the tank and coil are usually combined into a single unit called a clearomiser, to make maintenance and cleaning easier. 

A basic vape starter kit contains all the required components, pre-packaged and compatible, usually with an integrated internal battery, enabling a beginner to become used to the technology before possibly moving on to mix and match vape components to enhance the vaping experience.

With most of the vape starter kits on offer at Age of Steam you can start vaping immediately straight “out of the box” without having to feel intimidated by the jargon and more advanced paraphernalia around. Age of Steam is committed to keeping it simple.

Advanced Kits

When you reach the point of feeling ready to move beyond the starter vape kit, having become familiar and at ease with the technology of the e-cigarette, speak to the crew at Age of Steam about progressing to an advanced vape kit, opening up a whole new perspective on vaping.

Advanced vapers are looking to enhance flavour and vapour production on their devices, and are often keen to customise their vapes and mix and match components – a bit like tinkering with a car to get maximum performance.

Age of Steam can recommend and supply advanced vape kits for intermediate and experienced vapers with replaceable and re-buildable coils, mods, tank and other components, allowing for the control and configuration of the power heading to the coil. This allows the vaper to regulate the temperature of the vape, intensity of flavour and length and density of vapour puff.

The Age of Steam team can guide vapers in their advanced vape usage, recommending specialised high-quality hardware and e-liquids for those who are keen to delve into the practice of “sub-ohming”. This means vaping with a coil that has a resistance of less than 1 ohm, producing the ultimate vaping experience.

If you want to head for the Sub-Ohm zone, Age of Steam will set you on course with our range of advanced vaping kits.


Early generation E-cigarettes were designed to replicate traditional cigarettes and were low-performing, low-powered approximations of today’s super-modified, high resistance atomisers known as Mods.

All the major vape brands now produce specialised high-performance Mods for advanced vaping, which have more features than the vapourisers found in starter vape kits. They are customisable, have long battery life, produce more vapour and result in a more intense flavour. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and bear no similarity to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Known as either Mechanical Mods (which contain no electronics) or Variable Voltage Mods, these devices are the crème da la crème of vaping. The latest models can be equated to “smart” e-cigarettes, with features like LED displays to indicate battery level and how many puffs have been taken. 

The Age of Steam shop in Bath stocks a vast range of Mods and is the ideal place to go to explore the newest developments in e-cigarette and e-pipe technology. Try out a Mod for the first time in an unpressured, comfortable environment. The helpful, knowledgeable staff are ready, willing and able to find the right Mod to suit anyone’s vape style.



The Age of Steam has a full range of external vape batteries to power any vape device which doesn’t come with built-in batteries. The most popular type of battery for vaping is the 18650, but the shop stocks all sizes from the top brands and is happy to advise on compatibility.


The wire atomizer coil in your advanced vape device or mod (the part that uses the battery power to heat and vapourise the e-liquid) can wear out and need replacing as often as once a fortnight. The Age of Steam stocks a large selection of high-performance coils, including both Mouth to Lung or Direct Lung coils, and offer advice and assistance with your choice and coil changing.


The tank is where the all-important vapour is produced in a vape, so it is arguably the most important component. The Age of Steam can help with picking a compatible tank from one of the top brands for building a vaping mod to suit individual requirements and a premium vaping experience.


For a vaper being left in the lurch with an uncharged battery can be inconvenient and frustrating. Make sure this situation is avoided by having a charger to suit all occasions. External chargers come in a range of options from USB chargers, to car chargers, charging docks and electrical plug sockets. Visit The Age of Steam to become equipped with top quality chargers compatible with your vaping kit.

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