Steve, owner of Bath’s premium vape shop, Age of Steam, began his now successful business after being introduced to vaping by his brother. 

He says he had been a “hopelessly addicted smoker” for 25 years before having a puff on his brother’s vapouriser on the well-remembered date of 26 January, 2013, enabling him to turn his back on smoking tobacco from that moment on and begin trying out different e-cigarettes, vapes and vaping liquids instead.

He found it difficult to find what he needed for the best vaping experience in the city of Bath, so to source the latest devices, accessories and exciting new e-liquid flavours he had to travel or rely on buying online.

Says Steve:

“I believed that if this was the case for me, then it must be for others too. So, I decided to open a shop that would cater for all Vapers, from beginner to enthusiast.”

Age of Steam opened in Bath in December 2015, with the determined ethos of helping vapers find the vaping products that work best for them.

The Age of Steam shop and vaping lounge in Moorland Road stocks a wide range of starter kits, intermediate and high end vape mods. There are parts including coils for most brands, batteries and chargers, and a wide range of building tools and accessories.
Steve believes that when it comes to E-liquids Age of Steam probably offers the most extensive range of any supplier in the area – there is literally something to suit everyone.

Steve follows a strict ethical policy of not promoting vaping to minors or to non-smokers. 

The Age of Steam is designed as a haven for vaping connoisseurs who are welcome to visit to browse and sample the merchandise.

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